Grottobot High School Engineering Challenge

Teams must design and build a robot that must explore a cave. 

Programming Challenge

This competition will be held for the first time at the North Gauteng Science Fair. It is suitable for Delphi or Java programming. 

Senior Robothon

Teams will be given time to build a robot (and building instructions and videos for reference).  As with all Science Fair activities, the learners are on their own  - but are welcome to ask the Robothon “officials” any questions.  Your design is only limited by creativity.

Environmental competition

Identify all invasive and alien plant species within the allocated area.  Develop a management plan for the removal of the invasive and alien plant species, including proposed time frames and methods.

Environmental Art Competition

Poster category: In 2017,  the theme for your poster is "Mission to Mars".

Photographic Category: For 2017,  the theme for your photographs is "Creepy Crawlies in my Garden"

Technology challenge

A team must build a conveyor belt that is stable enough to carry a certain mass.

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